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A Customer List Will Grow Your Business Fast

Just as you sign up with your favorite companies to get their product and sales updates by email, your customers (current and potential) will sign up with you.

If you do nothing else Indiepreneur recommends, start building your list. Whether you sell online, in person or both, statistics show that email marketing is, hands down, the most effective marketing for any business. Indiepreneur recommends Aweber. Unlimited lists for multiple sites is $19.95. Get started for just a buck.

Your Own URL. It’s Important

Cybersquatting on platforms you don’t own is risky and may seem less trustworthy to some customers. If you’re not willing to take your business serious enough to invest in it, why should they?

Keep your shop and website safe by putting it on your own URL. Indiepreneur has had several hosting companies over the years and recommends HostGator for their excellent support and bargain price of $9.95 per month for unlimited domains.

Themes for Your Site

WordPress is by far the most popular website platform. With excellent documentation and an abundance of themes, plugins and options, WordPress is so much more than just a blogging platform. Just to be clear, we’re talking about, not the .com version.

I’ve played with dozens of templates, themes and services. Here are three recommendations for you to check out.

MySiteMyWay.  The choice of Indiepreneur (Modular template with the free WPtouch plugin to make it mobile responsive), MySiteMyWay allows full control of every detail of your site, all controlled from the dashboard. No coding knowledge is necessary. Excellent support, too.

WooThemes. Commerce as well as regular WP website themes, WooThemes is an excellent choice for online shopkeepers. Many mobile responsive (smartphones, tablets) are available – important as society become increasingly more mobile.

StudioPress Themes for WordPress are the choice of many professional bloggers and online magazines.


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