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    7 Reasons You Should Kiss Your Boss

    After telling you to listen to your fear last time, I promised you positive reasons to keep your day job while you create independent incomes for yourself. With no further ado, here are …  7 Reasons You Should Kiss Your Boss 1. Health Insurance As someone …

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    How to Trust Your Fear & Make it Work in Your Favor

    Have you heard of Tim Ferris*? He’s the author of The 4-Hour Work Week. I call him and other people like him bullsh!t gurus. The bullsh!t gurus are the few who have made it. They charted a course – or fell into one, that got …

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    Get Rid of Money Worries Once & For All

    Stop Letting the Economy Push You Around! Whether we’re worker bees or full-time Indiepreneurs, we tend to cling to that one thing that’s bringing in the money. And frankly, it’s stupid. Quit being stupid!

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    The #1 Thing New Businesses Get Wrong

    Indiepreneur’s feel a lot of self doubt. The truth is that that self doubt is totally justified. After all, you’re likely doing something you’ve never done before. #1 Business Mistake: Choosing the wrong business right out of the gate Choosing the first idea that comes to …

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