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  • Kevin Simon Sweater

    The Business of Bliss

    We’re all in search of wisdom, aren’t we?  That’s why you’re here reading Indiepreneur, and that’s why I write for Indiepreneur.  And that’s why business books tend to be good sellers. The Business of Bliss: How to Profit from Doing What You Love, published by …

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  • Thomas Edison Holding A Light Bulg

    Ecommerce: Lesson 3

    Read first: Ecommerce: Lesson 1 and Ecommerce: Lesson 2 Lesson 3 isn’t strictly a lesson on Ecommerce as it is a lesson for LIFE in general. There is something to be said for dogged-determination. That stubborn stay-the-course-at-any-cost commitment no doubt was behind many a historical …

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  • E-Commerce: Lesson Two

    Do what you love. The money will follow.  Well, bull frakin’ sheeeeet is my response to that old wives’ tale.  Maybe in Paris Hilton’s world. You know she gets paid to party, right?  Well, as I geared up to start my eshop, I fell for …

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  • E-Commerce: Lesson One

    So, you want to open your very own eshop do you?  Well, it’s very, very true that anyone can open an eshop.  All it takes, really, is a URL and an Internet connection.  The flip side is that not every eshop is a successful eshop. …

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