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    Democratized Fashion: Customers Decide Designs To Manufacture

    This guest post by Rachel Meis of UsTrendy explains her very unique business that, I think,  exudes the philosophy that capitalism can be supportive of Indiepreneurs. I love the idea and the site. Please visit UsTrendy — and always buy Indie! by Rachel Meis For …

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  • Etsyattemptcrop2

    Embracing Etsy: Nearly There

    Don’t ever doubt that I live an exciting life: I just spent a few hours (on a Friday night, no less) finally setting up my Etsy shop. Just “setting up”. Nothing’s in there yet. My excitement clearly does not translate to your excitement. Here’s the …

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  • Janfinds7

    Embracing Etsy: Etsy’s Handbook, Storque & Forums

    I’m sure I won’t make many friends with this post, but it has to be said: Etsy has TOO MUCH advice. Has anyone, save for a meddling friend, ever given you too much advice? Didn’t think so. Although I appreciate all the time, effort and …

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  • Embracing Etsy: Getting Started

    In preparing to launch an Etsy shop, I hope I’ve done my research. I fear, however, that I’ve done TOO MUCH. Definitely read the Etsy Handbook, and then peruse the Storque and forums to get a sense of what you need to do, what problems …

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  • Oldphotos

    Embracing Etsy: Intro

    Like many, I’ve long thought about opening an Etsy shop. Unlike most of you, I suspect I’ve been spazzing about it for almost a year. As a long-time  Etsy shopper, I was elated when they opened it up to vintage items! I’ve probably read The …

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  • Kevin Simon Sweater

    The Business of Bliss

    We’re all in search of wisdom, aren’t we?  That’s why you’re here reading Indiepreneur, and that’s why I write for Indiepreneur.  And that’s why business books tend to be good sellers. The Business of Bliss: How to Profit from Doing What You Love, published by …

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