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  • Etsy Screen Save

    Can We Really Trust Etsy?

    If Etsy shut down your shop tomorrow, how screwed would your business be? They’re your customers. Make sure they continue to be.

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  • PR Friday Setup 035

    Antiques: A Story to Tell

    We have a guest post today from Debi Ward Kennedy. She has years and years of experience as a retail display and marketing guru that she has translated into a vintiques business she owns with her husband. We all love a good story, don’t we? …

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  • Online Banner Generator

    Free Tools To Create Custom Etsy Shop Banners

    If you’d rather create your own Etsy shop banner (or blog banner) without having to shell out big bucks for Photo Shop, here are a few Free online tools to try. Online Banner Generator Banner Fans Animation Online I recommend playing with all of them …

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  • 6 2

    Breaking eBay

    What started out as a wonderful buy and sell marketplace for the unique and unusual has been tweaked beyond recognition. Year by year, change by change, small sellers of vintiques and collectibles get squeezed out in favor of high volume sellers selling 50,000 packages of …

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  • Etsy Heart

    Dissing Etsy Sellers

    There was a op-ed floating around online a few weeks ago dissing Etsy sellers as delusional housewives wanting to get-rich-quick. I thought I had bookmarked the article, but now I can’t find. The gist of the ridiculous point being made was that the webmasters behind …

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  • Thomas Edison Holding A Light Bulg

    Ecommerce: Lesson 3

    Read first: Ecommerce: Lesson 1 and Ecommerce: Lesson 2 Lesson 3 isn’t strictly a lesson on Ecommerce as it is a lesson for LIFE in general. There is something to be said for dogged-determination. That stubborn stay-the-course-at-any-cost commitment no doubt was behind many a historical …

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