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  • Etsy Screen Save

    Can We Really Trust Etsy?

    If Etsy shut down your shop tomorrow, how screwed would your business be? They’re your customers. Make sure they continue to be.

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  • PR Friday Setup 035

    Antiques: A Story to Tell

    We have a guest post today from Debi Ward Kennedy. She has years and years of experience as a retail display and marketing guru that she has translated into a vintiques business she owns with her husband. We all love a good story, don’t we? …

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  • Sarahs House Vintage Quilt And Antique Bed

    6 Ways to Keep Up with Trends

    Does it sound odd to talk about trends and vintiques in the same breath? After all, we sell old stuff, not trendy stuff! It may surprise new sellers when they learn that popular items that sell well in antique mall booths go through cycles. The …

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  • Tiered Display Selling In An Antique Mall Booth

    Pleasing Every Customer Every Time is Impossible

    As in every business on earth, trying to be all things to all people will only assure that you’re nothing to nobody. Specializing in a specific business niche means that you’re an expert – or becoming an expert, in that specific niche. Selling retail merchandise …

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  • How Much Inventory Do You Need?

    Inventory management is one of those balancing acts that even the most experienced dealers wrestle with all the time. In fact, the popularity of closeout stores like TJMaxx/HomeGoods, Ross and others should show you just how tough it is to judge what kind and how …

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  • Selling In An Antique Mall Old And New Display

    The Debate: Selling New Items in an Antique Mall

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