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  • Google Alerts

    How To Monitor Mentions of You and Your Business Online

    Keeping tabs on mentions in the media used to be a fairly expensive proposition for businesses. They paid people across the country to monitor their local papers, TV, etc. and report mentions back to the company. It’s a little easier for Indiepreneurs these days to …

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  • Online Banner Generator

    Free Tools To Create Custom Etsy Shop Banners

    If you’d rather create your own Etsy shop banner (or blog banner) without having to shell out big bucks for Photo Shop, here are a few Free online tools to try. Online Banner Generator Banner Fans Animation Online I recommend playing with all of them …

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  • Yard Sale

    How-To Find Garage, Yard and Estate Sales

    It’s no secret that vintique dealers find inventory for their booths at yard, estate and garage sales. It’s also no secret that subscribing to the daily paper just to get those sales listings is, at least in my area, expensive.  Yes, I could wait til …

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  • Mware Mobile Phones

    How Do Your Customers Pay?

    For good or for bad, consumers prefer to carry credit and debit cards rather than cash.  Some do it for conveniences sake, others don’t like carrying a lot of cash for fear of theft or loss.  It doesn’t really matter why. What matters is that …

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  • Mariscos Giftcard Large

    Card Printing: Gift Cards Made Easy

    Here’s a business idea for an Indiepreneur … print cards. No, not business cards or greeting cards.  I’m talking about those plastic gift cards, ID cards, employee badges, etc. I’ve been poking around RACO and it sounds very interesting. The market has got to be …

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