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  • Never Apologize for Your Prices

    Do you believe in what you’re selling? Do you believe that the hours you put in tracking down merchandise, digging through junk – some of it hazardous to your health, cleaning and/or repairing diamonds in the rough, sitting through hours and hours of auctions, wandering …

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  • PR Friday Setup 035

    Antiques: A Story to Tell

    We have a guest post today from Debi Ward Kennedy. She has years and years of experience as a retail display and marketing guru that she has translated into a vintiques business she owns with her husband. We all love a good story, don’t we? …

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  • Happy Customer

    5 Essential Reasons to Focus on Repeat Customers

    Keeping customers coming back should be every Indiepreneur’s top priority. Here are five very good reasons. Never underestimate the power of a happy customer Customers are what bean counters call an acquired asset. Good customers return to buy again and again. Great customers spread the …

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  • Adult Cabaret Cow

    Branding: You’re Already Doing It

    With all the talk and dozens of books on the market, you’d think branding yourself or your business was some deep, dark mystery solved only by an MBA from an Ivy League school. Not so.  Let me simplify it for you. Every contact that you …

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  • Project Wonderful

    Project Wonderful

    Everybody Wins — that’s the headline on the home page of Project Wonderful. Billing itself as an online advertising broker, Project Wonderful allows publishers to find advertisers and advertisers to find publishers. A bonus, we think, is you can be both publisher and advertiser with just …

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  • Newsletter Logos Copy

    Marketing with Newsletters

    Looking for a great, low-cost way to promote yourself and stay in touch with your past customers (or attract new ones)? One way is to do an e-newsletter. Almost every major company has one now, and there’s no reason YOUR business couldn’t follow in their …

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