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  • What Software Do You Need to Self-Publish?

    Think you need expensive software to self-publish a book? That’s what I thought, too. Turns out the answer is yes and no. Keep reading, I’ll explain! I use Adobe InDesign at my 9-to-5 job every single day to write, edit and publish a print magazine …

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  • Little House On The Prairie Original Cover

    Accepting and Using Your Own Talents

    The scenario goes something like this: You know this person – it could be a friend, cousin, coworker, neighbor, whoever. Anyway, this person is an awesome painter/baker/artist/designer/writer, etc. Yet said person never takes advantage of or uses said talent. You and everyone else who comes …

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  • Antique Press Letters

    How the Changing Publishing World Can Let Anyone be an Author

    Once upon a time … to get a book published you had to: 1.  Write the thing 2.  Write a synopsis 3.  Write a query 4.  Send the query to hundreds of agents 5.  Hope that one of those agents took you on as a …

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  • Selling In An Antique Mall A Beginners Guide

    Selling in an Antique Mall: The ebook!

    Can you make money selling in an antique mall? Yes, and we’ll show you how to get started. Selling in antique malls seems easy. You visit a mall near you, and if they have a space available, you plunk down your rent money. Boom! You’re …

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  • Creating an eBook: It isn’t for the faint of heart!

    Things I know for sure: The publishing world is changing fast. Anyone with a computer and an idea can publish an ebook. It isn’t as easy as #1 and #2 make it sound! First steps in creating an eBook The first thing, obviously, is to …

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  • Blogging Marie Antoinette

    How To Sell Advertising On Your Blog

    Confession:  I do NOT make very much money off blogging.  Not here on Indiepreneur. Not on my personal blog, A Lovely Thing.  Not on newly launched Shebeezies.  I didn’t set out to make money blogging, nor did I take it all that serious until recently …

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