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7 Reasons You Should Kiss Your Boss

Go ahead. Kiss your boss. He deserves it!

After telling you to listen to your fear last time, I promised you positive reasons to keep your day job while you create independent incomes for yourself. With no further ado, here are …

 7 Reasons You Should Kiss Your Boss

1. Health Insurance

As someone with a chronic health issue, health insurance is a huge day-job benefit to me. One day soon I hope that the U.S. will wise up and have affordable public options for Indiepreneurs. Until then, kiss your boss and thank your lucky stars that (most or some) of your health expenses are covered.

2. 401Ks and Contribution Matches

You put in a few bucks and your boss kicks in a matching percentage. Where else can you get a savings account that doubles your money on the spot? Seriously! Go kiss your boss smack on the lips for that FREE money!

3. Credit and Loans

Mortgages and car loans are much easier to get when you have a job. Unless you can pay cash for both, your boss deserves at least a peck on the cheek. Chances are even your good credit rating (if you have one) is due to a steady paycheck, right?

4. Paid Time Off

Pucker up and kiss your boss for paying you while you spend holidays with family, recuperate from illnesses, vacation on a beach and create indie incomes for yourself.

5. Market Research

Learning what makes people tick is a huge bonus of being part of the daily rat race. My Indiepreneur side pays attention to how people think, how they use social media, what they want, need and buy. My alter ego (Lexus Luke) constantly files away interesting colleague conversations and personalities for use in future novels. Pretend you’re a character in a romance novel, and give your boss a smooch for letting you study guinea pigs potential customers.

6. Peace of Mind

You better realize by now that no job is safe and secure. That’s why you’re creating independent incomes for yourself. Still, that paycheck keeps the wolves at bay while you’re working on that. Being broke is nerve-racking and that’s not conducive to clear thinking. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Kiss, kiss, kiss the boss for that steady paycheck.

7. FREE Training

I saved the most useful reason that Indiepreneurs should kiss their bosses for last. Everything you have learned at every day job in your lifetime, from formal training to experience to people you have met, can be leveraged for your personal business projects. Software tutorials, seminars, mentors and conventions expand your knowledge base. Not only was that training FREE, you got paid while you did it! That deserves a full on lip lock. Give him or her an extra dart of tongue if you’re allowed to use company resources for your Indiepreneur projects.

The benefits of day jobs are awesome. That doesn’t mean you have to work one forever if you don’t want to. 

Anyone, absolutely anyone, can start businesses and everyone should start at least one. I insist!

I’m developing a program to show you exactly how to do it, step-by-step, without risking your life savings, without working yourself to death and without quitting your day job. Stay in the loop on that program by signing up for email updates. The email list WILL get first dibs!

Whether you decide to do the upcoming program or not, do not risk the income that keeps a roof over your head and food in the fridge. PROMISE ME you won’t do that.

Next time, I’m going to convince you that no matter who you are, you CAN start a business — more than one actually, and that it is YOUR CIVIC DUTY to do so.


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