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Selling in an Antique Mall: A Beginner’s Guide, the first book ever written on the topic.

[quote]Smart, savvy and sassy, SELLING IN AN ANTIQUE MALL is an invaluable aid to anybody who has ever entertained the notion of making the leap from vintage buyer to vintage dealer. The authors have decades of experience in the business, and their no-nonsense advice about buying, marketing, displaying and selling “vintiques” will save newbies and pros alike the headaches and heartaches that come with starting their own small  business. I just wish they’d written the book three years ago when I got my start selling in an antique mall! ~ Mary Kay Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of SAVANNAH BLUES.[/quote]

[quote]It’s just $9.95 and is a great resource of information and inspiration for vintage/Antique dealers, or those of you who want to be! This would be a great Holiday read – just in time for the new year.~ Deb Kennedy, Retail Designer and owner of Retreat.[/quote]

[quote]I’ve read it, and I’d say it’s not just for beginners.  They’ve done a good job of taking a huge topic and breaking it into managable pieces- and they’re very honest about the perils, pitfalls and rewards of selling “vintiques” as they refer to their treasures. ~ Beth Leintz, Gathering Dust  Click over to Beth’s blog to read all of her review.[/quote]
[quote]The title is misleading, since the information contained inside goes far beyond selling in an antiques mall. Even if you sell on eBay or Etsy, a local antiques market or own your own brick and mortar shop, this eBook contains enough helpful tips to make it worth the low $9.95 price. ~ Colleen Allison. Click over to FreshVintage to read the rest of Colleen’s review.[/quote]

[quote]Where was this book when I started in this biz? Inis & Sue certainly filled a niche with the content of this ebook. From choosing a location to staging and pricing, the book is filled with many things that newbies and long-term vendors fail to consider. Get informed!! ~ Amy at Junkologie and WhisperWood Cottage. Click on over to Junkologie for more![/quote]

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