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  • Etsyattemptcrop2

    Embracing Etsy: Nearly There

    Don’t ever doubt that I live an exciting life: I just spent a few hours (on a Friday night, no less) finally setting up my Etsy shop. Just “setting up”. Nothing’s in there yet. My excitement clearly does not translate to your excitement. Here’s the …

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  • Janfinds7

    Embracing Etsy: Etsy’s Handbook, Storque & Forums

    I’m sure I won’t make many friends with this post, but it has to be said: Etsy has TOO MUCH advice. Has anyone, save for a meddling friend, ever given you too much advice? Didn’t think so. Although I appreciate all the time, effort and …

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  • Online Banner Generator

    Free Tools To Create Custom Etsy Shop Banners

    If you’d rather create your own Etsy shop banner (or blog banner) without having to shell out big bucks for Photo Shop, here are a few Free online tools to try. Online Banner Generator Banner Fans Animation Online I recommend playing with all of them …

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  • Embracing Etsy: Getting Started

    In preparing to launch an Etsy shop, I hope I’ve done my research. I fear, however, that I’ve done TOO MUCH. Definitely read the Etsy Handbook, and then peruse the Storque and forums to get a sense of what you need to do, what problems …

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  • 6 2

    Breaking eBay

    What started out as a wonderful buy and sell marketplace for the unique and unusual has been tweaked beyond recognition. Year by year, change by change, small sellers of vintiques and collectibles get squeezed out in favor of high volume sellers selling 50,000 packages of …

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  • Adult Cabaret Cow

    Branding: You’re Already Doing It

    With all the talk and dozens of books on the market, you’d think branding yourself or your business was some deep, dark mystery solved only by an MBA from an Ivy League school. Not so.  Let me simplify it for you. Every contact that you …

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