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  • Etsy Heart

    Dissing Etsy Sellers

    There was a op-ed floating around online a few weeks ago dissing Etsy sellers as delusional housewives wanting to get-rich-quick. I thought I had bookmarked the article, but now I can’t find. The gist of the ridiculous point being made was that the webmasters behind …

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  • Blogging Marie Antoinette

    How To Sell Advertising On Your Blog

    Confession:  I do NOT make very much money off blogging.  Not here on Indiepreneur. Not on my personal blog, A Lovely Thing.  Not on newly launched Shebeezies.  I didn’t set out to make money blogging, nor did I take it all that serious until recently …

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  • Kevin Simon Sweater

    The Business of Bliss

    We’re all in search of wisdom, aren’t we?  That’s why you’re here reading Indiepreneur, and that’s why I write for Indiepreneur.  And that’s why business books tend to be good sellers. The Business of Bliss: How to Profit from Doing What You Love, published by …

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  • Plumeadore Ring

    How I Got My Work Into Stores

    This informative guest post was written by Etsy seller PlumeAdore ***************** For those wanting to get your products in stores and grow your business with some wholesale work, here is what I’m doing. In under 3 weeks, I’ve gotten 5 wholesale orders (ranging from $250-$850 …

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  • Thomas Edison Holding A Light Bulg

    Ecommerce: Lesson 3

    Read first: Ecommerce: Lesson 1 and Ecommerce: Lesson 2 Lesson 3 isn’t strictly a lesson on Ecommerce as it is a lesson for LIFE in general. There is something to be said for dogged-determination. That stubborn stay-the-course-at-any-cost commitment no doubt was behind many a historical …

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  • Mware Mobile Phones

    How Do Your Customers Pay?

    For good or for bad, consumers prefer to carry credit and debit cards rather than cash.  Some do it for conveniences sake, others don’t like carrying a lot of cash for fear of theft or loss.  It doesn’t really matter why. What matters is that …

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