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  • Mariscos Giftcard Large

    Card Printing: Gift Cards Made Easy

    Here’s a business idea for an Indiepreneur … print cards. No, not business cards or greeting cards.  I’m talking about those plastic gift cards, ID cards, employee badges, etc. I’ve been poking around RACO and it sounds very interesting. The market has got to be …

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  • Marilyn Monroe On Top Of The World In Her Jammies

    Time Is Money

    Every Indiepreneur I know works 14-16-18 hour days, plugging along into the wee hours of the night. Raise your hand if you’ve been up at 2AM … making or tagging merchandise, writing a marketing piece, designing new business cards, plotting out a new website …  …

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  • Local Indie Fairs and Markets

    I‘m compiling a list of Indie markets and fairs.  Please leave a comment here or email your favorite fairs and markets.  Leave as many details as you can. Name of fair, market or festival. Location. Days and/or dates. What makes it a good market for …

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  • E-Commerce: Lesson Two

    Do what you love. The money will follow.  Well, bull frakin’ sheeeeet is my response to that old wives’ tale.  Maybe in Paris Hilton’s world. You know she gets paid to party, right?  Well, as I geared up to start my eshop, I fell for …

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