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  • Amour Sans Anguish

    Armour Sans Anguish

    trashion (trash-shon)  n. apparel, wear ables, jewelry and accessories made from trash, garbage or thrown-away materials. Going green has become a consumer mantra. Not only is it smart business to capitalize on the recycle-reuse movement, it’s the right thing to do for the environment. Creative Indiepreneur …

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  • Your Story

    Selling Your Story

    As indiepreneurs, one of the strongest marketing tools we have is in our very own personal story. Most people that buy handmade are highly interested in our personal stories, as a way to connect not only to us as creative people but to somehow connect …

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  • For Etsy Terms Article

    Understanding Etsy

    Does this sound familiar? You’ve visited and while you recognize some of the terms flying around, you aren’t quite sure what they are exactly. Don’t worry, Etsy has its own language. Here is a list of the most common terms you may come across.

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  • Home Party

    How to Host a Fabulous Home Party

    When customers at trunk shows began asking about hosting their own home “party”, I became very open to the idea. Companies like Tupperware and Pampered Chef were very successful using this method. I’ve worked for such direct sales companies. How different could it possibly be to do it on my …

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  • Camera Flash

    Product Photography

    Selling online — Ecommerce – presents a unique issue in that customers can’t pick up, touch and examine your product. High quality, unique products need high quality photography to sell well. Here are a few tips. 1. Use a large, clear plastic tub as a lightbox–bend a piece of …

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  • Lemonade Stand Price


    Setting prices for your goods and services seems to be a stumper for Indiepreneurs — new and seasoned. Too high and items sit forever and customers are  afraid to come back to your site or booth.  Too low and you cut your own profit margin. …

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